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When a door shuts, God is about to open a gate 😀. Earlier this year, my plan for November was different but that door got shut, and other doors where opened. My month has been more engaging and rewarding than I had thought it would be.
Started off as a Keynote speaker and panelist at FlipLearn Conference. Spoke on Teaching for Learning in the 21st century. Guess where I got my intro from ?
“Teach children in a way that fits their needs, and even when they are old, they will not leave the right path.” Proverbs 22:6 ERV.
I believe this speaks to us as Educators, the first part of this verse is key to raising lifelong learners.
Then came “Skypeathon” Microsoft annual event connecting classrooms around the world, for this year’s event, every virtual miles traveled was tied to helping children in the WE villages get quality education. I contributed my own quota to the virtual miles by engaging with classrooms in Poland, Vietnam, Utah, Canada , India, Sweden , and more. Was fun sharing my world and learning about the world with the world.
And finally to DigCitSummitCM, where I represented the Digital Citizenship Institute in Cameroon. Was quite an experience, the media engagements, the language ( i had to dust up my French, 😀) the food, the new connection and the summit participation. I helped present the DigCit SDGs awards to youths using technology to address the various SDGs and also came home with the most inspiring speaker award.
It’s been a full month already and it isn’t over yet.

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