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Digital Citizenship Summit Cameroon

We #celebrated#engaged and #inspired. But before we draw the curtains on the Digital Citizenship Summit Cameroon, a BIG thank you to our amazing team. To the father of Digital Citizenship, Dr. Mike Ribble and the Mother of DigCitSummits around the world,Dr. Marialice Curran, our wonderful speaker and international guest Dr. Oluwakemi Olurinola . Our mentors and guides from IRIC, Dr. Armand Elono and Dr.Manga Edimo. To our amazing speakers and Organizers Bro Achaleke Christian LekeRodrigue SateuBlest Emily MikiEwehmeh GilbertDivine ForetiaLydia Frieda,Sophie Ngassa Fon Nsoh,Jules Garka.Sonia Nandi
Our amazing Communication and transportation team; Achu Alphonse AbongwaChristianovich Elongue Ngnaoussi,Binyou Bi Homb,Princess Beyene Beyene, Bwang Abel Helter, Clarisse Ndingue.To our amazing volunteers Angeline,Lilian, Jean Bosco Bihina, Jaures Ngougni,Henrielle, Joyce Eva Habiba Din.
To my amazing family Steve Yong-SulemFeyisayo Akinboboye,Ingrid Sulem YongNina Sulem,vasitha Sulem Vasitha,Sulem Yong,Fondjo Vanessa,Menkem Sother,Angel Angèle Taba,Tata Alexia,Valery Valerie M. VibanKepseu Clovice .To our sponsor Ressource In Flow LTD and all our partners et tous ceux que je n’ai pas mentionné…and to our new family- all the Nominees of DigCit SDG awards, the participants of the Digcitsummitcm, DigCit SDG ambassadors… Thank you so much.Merci beaucoup.
There would have been no Digital Citizenship Summit Cameroon without you.

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